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   Violations massives des droits humains, Crimes contre l'Humanité, de guerre, contre la paix, etc.
   Massive human rights violations, Crimes against Humanity, of war, against peace, etc.

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"A Year Later", by John Pilger (March 23, 2004)
Envoyé par Siriel Admin
le 2004 Mar 25 - 3:34pm
Reflections (En) | Australia | Grande Bretagne (R-U) | Irak | USA (États-Unis) | •Crime c. paix (invasion) | •Propagande mensongère | ::Justice inter. (DIH):: | Media: non profit

Excerpts :
Sydney Hyde Park 20 March 2004: Let us be clear on the facts of what happened one year ago today. The United States, aided by Britain and Australia, attacked a sovereign country, unprovoked, and in breach of the most basic principles of international law. By the most conservative estimates, up to 55,000 people were killed, including at least, 10,000 civilians: men, woman and children, a figure confirmed this week by Amnesty International.
That’s why Howard [Australian politician] and his spin doctors this week silenced the Federal Police Commissioner, Mick Keelty, who merely stated the obvious – that by joining the attack on Iraq, the Australian government has all but invited retaliation against this country.
Five years ago, as the people of East Timor struggled to gain their independence, Alexander Downer told the Australian people that the government knew nothing about the Indonesian terrorism that was about to engulf East Timor.

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The War Against Iraq: KAIROS Assesses the Damage One Year Later
Envoyé par Siriel Admin
le 2004 Mar 12 - 11:55am
Reflections (En) | Canada & Québec | Irak | •Crime c. paix (invasion) | •Démocratie | •Propagande mensongère | ::Justice inter. (DIH):: | Communique

A Statement by KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives – March 12, 2004

Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more: but they shall all sit under their own vines and under their own fig trees, and no one shall make them afraid. (Micah 4: 3-4).

This vision of peace is at the heart of KAIROS’ stand last year against war in Iraq. KAIROS and its networks prayed, wrote letters and joined massive mobilizations against the war.

However, on March 19, 2003, the United States, supported by Britain and several other countries, unleashed fierce air and ground attacks in Iraq. An estimated 10,000 Iraqi civilians have already died in the war and occupation, as well as 5,000 – 10,000 Iraqi soldiers and 650 U.S.- led coalition troops.

The military occupation of Iraq triggered further chaos, lawlessness, and violence that has caused further trauma and suffering. Many Iraqis are scarred for life by the loss of family and friends, by injuries, hunger, unclean water and poor medical care resulting from the war.

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Invasion of Iraq: Human Rights Watch says Iraq war was not humanitarian
Envoyé par Siriel Admin
le 2004 Jan 28 - 4:48pm
Reflections (En) | Grande Bretagne (R-U) | Irak | USA (États-Unis) | •Crime c. paix (invasion) | •Propagande mensongère | •Devoir de protéger | Communique

Idee ou reflexion lumineuse - An idea or bright reflection Human Rights Watch—London, Jan. 26, 2004
New Global Survey Analyzes War and Human Rights

:: No humanitarian case for Iraq war, says rights group By Kim Sengupta (The Independent; London, Jan. 27 2004).
The United States and Britain had no justification for invading Iraq either on the grounds of alleged threats from illicit weapons and terrorism, or as a humanitarian mission, an international civil rights group said yesterday.  “Humanitarianism, even understood broadly as a concern for the welfare of people, was at best a subsidiary motive for the invasion of Iraq.”  

:: Iraq war was not humanitarian, says HRW report (The Daily Times; Pakistan, Jan. 27 2004).
“The Bush administration cannot justify the war in Iraq as a humanitarian intervention, and neither can (British Prime Minister) Tony Blair,” said the group’s Executive Director Kenneth Roth.

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