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The Torturers Among Us
Envoyé par Siriel Admin
le 2004 juin 11 - 5:35am
Reflections (En) | USA (États-Unis) | •Démocratie | •Impérialisme & Néocon. | •Propagande mensongère | ::Droits humains:: | ::Justice inter. (DIH):: | Media: commercial

Published on Wednesday, June 9, 2004 by the Boston Globe
Textes autres que des nouvelles - Texts other than news by Robert Kuttner
WHAT HAVE we learned so far about officially sponsored torture by the US government?

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ÉTATS-UNIS - Enquête sur la torture institutionnalisée
Envoyé par Siriel Admin
le 2004 juin 9 - 4:38pm
Actualités (Fr) | Irak | USA (États-Unis) | •Crime de guerre | •Impérialisme & Néocon. | •Propagande mensongère | ::Droits humains:: | Media: commercial

Revue de presse du Courrier international 9 juin 2004.
Nouvelles / News L'administration Bush est accusée par des membres du Congrès d'avoir cautionné l'usage de la torture dans sa guerre contre le terrorisme international. Les sévices sur des prisonniers en Irak, à Guantanamo Bay et en Afghanistan ont été couverts par des directives venues du sommet.
:: Pour lire cet article >>

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[US-Iraq] Veterans For Peace: Open letter to President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney
Envoyé par Siriel Admin
le 2004 Mai 27 - 4:50pm
Reflections (En) | Irak | USA (États-Unis) | •Impérialisme & Néocon. | ::Droits humains:: | ::Justice inter. (DIH):: | Communique

Textes autres que des nouvelles - Texts other than news May 2004.

Excerpts :
(...) Last not least, the reprehensible hypocrisy of sending prisoners out of our country and jurisdiction to countries where torture is practiced, dishonors our nation and makes a mockery of our claims to occupy the moral “high-ground” amongst the Nations. It is also curious how so many who pride themselves on being Christians can opt for torture over the admonitions of Jesus of Nazareth [Matthew 5:43].

(...) “ignorance of, or not having read” major investigative reports on matters as crucial as these torture subjects, should not be allowed to be used as an excuse for non-action, particularly when such reports are known to have been circulating for several months.

(...) We, consequently, respectfully request that Defense Secretary Rumsfeld and General Meyers be summarily fired.

:: The Veterans For Peace letter follows…

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Indep. interview (audio: mp3): Systemic Torture and Humiliation in Iraqi Prisons
Envoyé par Siriel Admin
le 2004 Mai 7 - 10:55pm
News-Current (En) | Irak | USA (États-Unis) | •Impérialisme & Néocon. | •Propagande mensongère | •Soc: Associations | ::Droits humains:: | Media: non profit

Last week, explicit photos of Iraqi detainees at Abu Ghraib prison being humiliated and tortured by US Occupation Forces were circulated in the media. The photos caused an international outcry, and the White House and the Pentagon went into a damage control frenzy, condemning the acts they claimed were aberrations, committed by a few bad soldiers who don’t represent the values of the USA. But to many Iraqis, the photos are graphic representations of what they have known for many months to be a systemic practice of humiliation and torture of detainees in the largest detention center in the country.

Ismail Dawood is an activist with the National Association for the Defense of Human Rights in Iraq who co-authored a report on human rights violations and the compensation process in January, 2004 and is currently working on a second report documenting human rights violations perpetrated by occupation forces against detainees. In this interview, he speaks with Andrea Schmidt of the Iraq Solidarity Project (PSI: Quebec, Canada) and CKUT 90.3 FM about detention, systematic humiliation and torture in Occupied Iraq.


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Project Solidarité Irak / Iraq Solidarity Project: Andrea Schmidt
Envoyé par Siriel Admin
le 2004 Mai 4 - 11:50am
Actualités (Fr) | Canada & Québec | Irak | USA (États-Unis) | •Impérialisme & Néocon. | ::Droits humains:: | ::Justice inter. (DIH):: | Media: non profit

Textes autres que des nouvelles - Texts other than news
France Ces rapports ont été écrits par Andréa Schmidt pour le Projet Solidarité Irak (PSI): un groupe militant indépendant, basé à Montréal, qui vise à offrir un soutien direct non-violent à la population irakienne en lutte contre l’occupation (plus d’info, contacts et liste de diffusion sont à la fin des articles). Elle est restée trois mois à Bagdad.
Nouveau / New Bagdad occupée: Tous les articles d’Andréa (en français), rédigés lorsqu’elle était en Irak, sont dans un document téléchargeable ici! (90K)

These reports were written by Andrea Schmidt for the Iraq Solidarity Project (PSI – Projet Solidarite Irak), a Montreal-based grassroots initiative to provide direct non-violent support to Iraqis struggling against the occupation (more info, contacts and mailing list info are at the end of the articles). She was in Baghdad for three months.

: Occupied Baghdad :
We Would Have Liked to Explain”—From Occupation to Liberation in Kurdistan (May 9, 2004)

Our Borders Are Blast Wall (April 19, 2004)

A War Without End: Iraq is a country at war (April 10, 2004)

Everything Changes So Quickly: Thawra Under Attack (April 6, 2004)

There’s no explosions: it’s not an important area… Traffic, security, freedom and justice in Thawra (March 29 2004)

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AI vs Bush : Supreme Court must reject indefinite detention
Envoyé par Siriel Admin
le 2004 avril 30 - 8:46pm
News-Current (En) | Cuba | USA (États-Unis) | •Impérialisme & Néocon. | ::Droits humains:: | ::Justice inter. (DIH):: | Communique

France La Cour suprême doit rejeter toute détention à durée indéterminée

Amnesty International – Press release, 27/04/2004

Any ruling in favour of the US administration in these cases would set a disturbing precedent allowing anyone to be stripped of their liberty and rights under US and international law, should the President declare them to be “enemy combatants”.

The right to judicial review is a fundamental protection against arbitrary detention, which is absolutely prohibited under international law, even in time of war or emergency.

To read this press release :


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AI vs Prés. Bush : La Cour suprême doit rejeter toute détention à durée indéterminée
Envoyé par Siriel Admin
le 2004 avril 30 - 8:25pm
Actualités (Fr) | Cuba | USA (États-Unis) | •Impérialisme & Néocon. | ::Droits humains:: | ::Justice inter. (DIH):: | Communique

Communiqué de presse d’Amnistie Internationale, 27 avril 2004.

Toute décision en faveur de l’administration américaine dans ces affaires établirait un précédent fâcheux, en privant de liberté et de droits, selon la loi américaine et en droit international, toute personne désignée par le président comme “combattant ennemi”.

Le droit à une révision judiciaire constitue une protection fondamentale contre la détention arbitraire, formellement interdite en droit international, même en cas de guerre ou d’état d’urgence.

Pour lire ce communiqué :


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" What do we do now? " ( US occupation of Iraq )
Envoyé par Siriel Admin
le 2004 avril 27 - 8:08pm
Reflections (En) | Irak | USA (États-Unis) | •Causes & solutions | •Impérialisme & Néocon. | •Propagande mensongère | ::Justice inter. (DIH):: | Media: non profit

by Howard Zinn, in The Progressive (April 26, 2004).

Excerpts :
Amnesty International, a year after the invasion, reported: “Scores of unarmed people have been killed due to excessive or unnecessary use of lethal force by coalition forces during public demonstrations, at checkpoints, and in house raids. Thousands of people have been detained [estimates range from 8,500 to 15,000], often under harsh conditions, and subjected to prolonged and often unacknowledged detention. Many have been tortured or ill-treated, and some have died in custody.”
The suggestion that we simply withdraw from Iraq is met with laments: “We mustn’t cut and run. . . . We must stay the course. . . . (...)” That is exactly what we heard when, at the start of the Vietnam escalation, some of us called for immediate withdrawal. (...) The history of military occupations of Third World countries is that they bring neither democracy nor security.

>>> To read this article

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«J'ai honte de ce que nous avons fait en Irak», Jimmy Massey, marine.
Envoyé par Siriel Admin
le 2004 avril 21 - 7:07pm
Urgent-Prévention | Irak | USA (États-Unis) | •Crime de guerre | •Impérialisme & Néocon. | •Propagande mensongère | Media: commercial

Jimmy Massey, marine post-traumatisé, témoigne de l’horreur et de la schizophrénie de sa mission. Bouleversant (Journal l’Humanité, Rubrique International, édition du 13 avril 2004).

Les mots d’ordre du Pentagone font explicitement des marines des tueurs qui doivent être capables de se muer l’instant d’après en secouristes, professionnels de l’humanitaire. «Il faut avoir une mentalité de psychopathe pour adhérer à cette nouvelle doctrine», explique le soldat Jimmy Massey, meurtri dans sa conscience comme beaucoup de ses collègues. Pour laver la souillure qui l’empêche de trouver le sommeil, il a décidé de parler.

Extrait :
«... Si le véhicule ne s’arrêtait pas lorsque nous tirions des coups de feu, nous le “plombions” sans la moindre hésitation», avoue-t-il dans un souffle. (...) Aujourd’hui, de retour dans sa Caroline du Nord natale, Massey veut ébranler les murs des consciences de ses compatriotes et laver la souillure qui l’empêche de trouver le sommeil.

Pour lire cet article

Siriel-Admin: cet article est dans la catégorie Urgence-Prévention, car nous croyons urgent la naissance d’une pression citoyenne mondiale pour forcer l’armée états-unienne à respecter le droit humanitaire, c’est-à-dire à cesser d’ouvrir le feu aveuglément, de terroriser la population civile, de cibler des ambulances de ‘manière préventive’, etc.
Cette demande est minimale. Si l’ONU assumait ses responsabilités, elle demanderait la fin de l’occupation et enverrait des Casques bleus.

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Report from Baghdad -- Hospital Closings and U.S. War Crimes
Envoyé par Siriel Admin
le 2004 avril 19 - 10:30pm
News-Current (En) | Irak | USA (États-Unis) | •Crime de guerre | •Impérialisme & Néocon. | Media: non profit

by Rahul Mahajan (April 19, 2004)

Excerpts :
When the United States began the siege of Fallujah, it targeted civilians in several ways. The power station was bombed; perhaps even more important, the bridge across the Euphrates was closed. Fallujah’s main hospital stands on the western bank of the river; almost the entirety of the town is on the east side. Although the hospital was not technically closed, no doctor who actually believes in the Hippocratic oath is going to sit in an empty hospital while people are dying in droves on the other bank of the river. (...)
In Najaf, the Spanish-language “Plus Ultra” garrison closed the al-Sadr Teaching Hospital roughly a week ago (as of yesterday, it remained closed). With 200 doctors, the hospital (...) is one of the most important in Iraq. Troops entered and gave the doctors two hours to leave, allowing them to take only personal items—no medical equipment. (...)
>>> To read this article, go to :


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(WSF 2004) Boycott Bush Network Targets 6 U.S. Multinationals
Envoyé par Siriel Admin
le 2004 avril 19 - 4:17am
News-Current (En) | USA (États-Unis) | •Activ. & Actions | •Impérialisme & Néocon. | •Soc: Associations | Communique

( WORLD SOCIAL FORUM 2004: including Indian writer Arundhati Roy )

Idee ou reflexion lumineuse - An idea or bright reflection Mumbai, January 19, 2004 – More than 100 “Boycott Bush” supporters from more than 20 countries met for the first time at the WSF and formed the Boycott Bush network. We agreed to focus the boycott not on 2 firms as Arundhati Roy suggested but on 6 U.S. multinationals who are large donors to the Republican Party since 2000 (figures calculated on 1st March 2004):

1. Altria (Kraft, Philip Morris): 6.530.000 $US
2. ExxonMobil/Esso: 2.470.000 $US
3. ChevronTexaco: 2.200.000 $US
4. PepsiCo: 1.940.000 $US
5. Coca Cola Company: 860.000 $US
6. McDonalds: 640.000 $US

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Australian activist in Iraq shot at by US forces when offering humanitarian assistance
Envoyé par Siriel Admin
le 2004 avril 16 - 3:39pm
News-Current (En) | Irak | USA (États-Unis) | •Crime de guerre | •Impérialisme & Néocon. | Media: non profit

Dear friends,

I’m back from Fallujah and it was quite an experience.

I was shot at by American soldiers when we tried to accompany an ambulance containing medical aid across the city. Later we were taken by local Mujahadeen soldiers and held for 24 hours. They treated us with respect and kindness.

I was appalled by the situation in Falluja and the plight of its people.

I’m very glad I went there to witness this and to show solidarity with the people there.

I’ll write stories about all this to send you, but in the meantime, just wanted to send you this media statement which is a short summary about the two main events for me.


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Iraq is a War of National Liberation (John Pilger)
Envoyé par Siriel Admin
le 2004 avril 15 - 11:34pm
Reflections (En) | Irak | USA (États-Unis) | •Causes & solutions | •Crime de guerre | •Impérialisme & Néocon. | •Propagande mensongère | ::Droits humains:: | Media: non profit

Textes autres que des nouvelles - Texts other than news by John Pilger [a journalist of great honesty, known for his reporting of the Vietnam War -Siriel Admin]; first published in The New Stateman, April 15, 2004 then on ZNet

Excerpts :
... Once, in the Edwardian colonnade of Baghdad’s book market, a young man shouted something at me about the hardship his family had been forced to endure under the embargo imposed by America and Britain. What happened next was typical of Iraqis; a passer-by calmed the man, putting his arm around his shoulder, while another was quickly at my side.
“Forgive him,” he said reassuringly. “We do not connect the people of the west with the actions of their governments. You are welcome.” ...

Were I to undertake the same journey in Iraq today, I might not return alive. (...) With the most lethal weapons that billions of dollars can buy, and the threats of their cowboy generals and the panic-stricken brutality of their foot soldiers, more than 120,000 of these invaders have ripped up the fabric of a nation (...). They have brought to Iraq a daily, murderous violence which surpasses that of a tyrant who never promised a fake democracy.

Amnesty International reports that US-led forces have “shot Iraqis dead during demonstrations, tortured and ill-treated prisoners, arrested people arbitrarily and held them indefinitely, demolished houses in acts of revenge and collective punishment”.
>>> To read this article

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Iraq/Irak: Eyewitness in Falluja: US letting civilians die / Témoin à Falloujah: É-U laissent mourir les civils
Envoyé par Siriel Admin
le 2004 avril 14 - 7:31pm
News-Current (En) | Irak | USA (États-Unis) | •Crime de guerre | •Impérialisme & Néocon. | Media: non profit

Siriel notice – Urgence :
(En) There are now many independent reports stating the same atrocious information: that US forces are blocking medical aid and rescue in and out of Falluja. The absence of US medical aid to victims is already quite appalling, but what is being reported are utterly horrible crimes of war. Would the US people accept this if they were informed by CNN for example?
(Fr) Il y a maintenant de nombreux rapports indépendants qui affirment la même information atroce: que les forces états-uniennes bloquent l’aide médicale et les secours vers et hors de Falloujah. L’absence d’aide médicale états-unienne aux victimes est déjà plutôt révoltante, mais ce qui est rapporté, ce sont des crimes de guerre des plus horribles. Est-ce que le peuple des États-Unis accepterait cela s’il était informé par CNN par exemple?

Excerpts of Eyewitness Report from Falluja by Jo Wilding, April 13th, 2004.

Snipers are causing not just carnage but also the paralysis of the ambulance and evacuation services. The biggest hospital after the main one was bombed is in US territory and cut off from the clinic by snipers. The ambulance has been repaired four times after bullet damage. Bodies are lying in the streets because no one can go to collect them without being shot.

Some said we were mad to come to Iraq; quite a few said we were completely insane to come to Falluja and now there are people telling me that getting in the back of the pick up to go past the snipers and get sick and injured people is the craziest thing they’ve ever seen. I know, though, that if we don’t, no one will.

To read this article : www.occupationwatch.org/article.php?id=4105

Extraits – traduction libre de Eyewitness Report from Falluja par Jo Wilding, 13 avril 2004.

Les francs-tireurs provoquent non seulement un carnage, mais ils paralysent aussi les ambulances et les services d’évacuation. Le plus gros hôpital, depuis que le principal a été bombardé, est en territoire états-unien (sic) et coupé de la clinique par des francs-tireurs. L’ambulance a été réparée quatre fois vu les dommages des tirs. Des corps gisent dans les rues, car personne ne peut aller les chercher sans se faire tirer.

Certains disent que nous sommes fous d’être venus en Irak; plusieurs disent que nous sommes complètement aliénés d’avoir pensé venir à Falloujah et maintenant il y a des gens qui me disent que d’embarquer à l’arrière d’un pick-up, passé les francs-tireurs, pour aller chercher des gens malades ou blessés, est la chose la plus cinglée qu’ils n’ont jamais vue. Je sais, par contre, que si nous ne le faisons pas, personne ne le fera.

* * *

See also / Voir aussi :
Nouveau / New Fallujah Cannot Even Bury Its Dead
Report from Baghdad—Hospital Closings and U.S. War Crimes
Australian activist in Iraq shot at by US forces when offering humanitarian assistance

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Iraq: Indep. reports :: Iraq Solidarity Project
Envoyé par Siriel Admin
le 2004 avril 14 - 5:39am
News-Current (En) | Canada & Québec | Irak | USA (États-Unis) | •Impérialisme & Néocon. | ::Droits humains:: | ::Justice inter. (DIH):: | Media: non profit

Textes autres que des nouvelles - Texts other than news Reports written by Andrea Schmidt for the Iraq Solidarity Project (PSI – Projet Solidarite Irak), a Montreal-based grassroots initiative to provide direct non-violent support to Iraqis struggling against the occupation (more info, contacts and mailing list info are at the end of the articles).

>>> Click here to view the report titles

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